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Performing Weddings Since 1975

Judge Jon Wisser

Judge Wisser began his career as a justice of the peace, then was a county judge, and has been a district judge for the past 25 years.

It was while serving as a justice of the peace that he first started performing weddings. He enjoyed this aspect of the position so much that he continued performing weddings during his terms as a county judge and as a district judge. He feels that performing weddings has enabled him to maintain a cheerful and optimistic outlook despite presiding over some of the most serious criminal cases in the state.

Judge Wisser has earned a reputation that extends beyond Austin and Central Texas for his excellent service as a wedding officiator. He has traveled as far as California to perform weddings and regularly to other cities in Texas, such as Houston and San Antonio. It is not uncommon for couples to contact him more than a year in advance of their wedding to get on his calendar.

There are few days in a person’s life as important as their wedding day and he strives to make it memorable. Every couple is unique and every wedding is special and different. He enjoys meeting with couples and getting to know them to better enable him to assist them in having the perfect wedding. While he utilizes his vast experience in making suggestions to brides and grooms on aspects of the ceremony; the final decisions are always the couple’s.

He strongly encourages couples to write their own vows and provides them with the materials and guidance to make it an enjoyable experience. Judge Wisser is renowned for his ability to reduce the stress and worry that is inherent with most weddings. He is, in every sense of the word, a professional.

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