If you want a true professional, one who has performed almost every type of wedding ceremony imaginable, Judge Jon Wisser is here to help.


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Where do you perform weddings?

Pretty much wherever you want your wedding. I perform weddings in courtrooms and judges’ offices in the county courthouse, in an office I have three blocks from the county courthouse, at homes, parks, country clubs, recreation centers, on boats, in airplanes and hot air balloons. I perform weddings in all the counties in central Texas and have gone to Houston and San Antonio, as well as California, to perform weddings.

How much do you charge for a wedding?

Judge Wisser’s fee varies based on location, date, time of day, travel distance, and time expended. A wedding in the courthouse or his office near the courthouse, during the week between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm; the fee is $75 to $150. To perform a wedding during the week in the evening, near the courthouse; the fee is $250. For weddings on Friday evenings and weekends, his fee ranges anywhere from $250 to $500.

Do you attend rehearsals?

If requested, he can attend rehearsals for an additional fee and if his schedule permits. However, it has been his observation, that if there is a wedding coordinator involved the coordinator normally conducts the rehearsal and has no need for his presence. Since he does ask for an additional fee for attending the rehearsal he tries to make sure that he is really needed and will perform a useful function. In meeting and communicating with the couple he will discuss the need for a rehearsal and, if needed, how it will be conducted.

What does your fee encompass?

His fee includes the following services:

  • Meeting with the couple in my office as often as they desire to meet to discuss and plan their wedding
  • Unlimited telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges
  • Providing materials on writing a wedding ceremony and assisting the couple to draft a wedding ceremony
  • Providing information on all legal requirements for a marriage
  • Performing the wedding ceremony
  • Completing the marriage license and returning it to the clerk’s office for recordation
  • Giving the couple a wedding certificate, suitable for framing, and a copy of the wedding ceremony on high-grade paper


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